Shaffer Amusement League Rules

For all VNEA and VNEA/BCA Leagues

2017/2018 Fall/Winter Season


1. Each team pays $30.00 per week plus quarters for the pool table (Trio leagues pay $18.00 per team, 4 Man Teams pay $24.00) plus quarters for the pool tables. All Fees are due each week even if you are using a sub or playing short a person. CASH ONLY! The home team Captain is responsible for making sure all money is in the envelope with the score sheet and the envelope is dropped in the dartboard (there is a slot on the right side) at the end of the evening. POINTS MAY NOT BE GIVEN TO TEAMS WHO DO NOT PAY THEIR FEES.


2. All leagues are VNEA Sanctioned. Every player that plays twice is required to be sanctioned thru VNEA. The VNEA Sanction fees are $11.00. Leagues that are sanctioned for both VNEA and BCA must pay for both sanction fees. BCA Sanction Fees are $15.00. ($26.00 per person for VNEA/BCA) BCA Sanction fees are due the first 2 weeks of play. VNEA Sanction fees are due by November 1st. I need complete names and addresses for all players being sanctioned. If you are playing on more than one night, you only need to pay sanction fees for one night.


1. All first place teams will receive individual awards and recognition on the Sponsor Plaque awarded to the Bar. All teams will receive prize money paid back based on their final finishing position. Individual pins and patches will be awarded to individuals leading in certain feats.


1. A team consists of 5 players with a total team roster of up to 10 players. (Trio teams: 3 players with a total of up to 6 players, 4 Person teams can have up to 8 Players). Players may be added at any time (except for the last two weeks of play) by notifying the league coordinator. If you reach your maximum amount of players, you must drop a player. Subs may play on different teams in the same league until they have played a total of twice on one team. They are then considered a regular on that team and must have approval from the league office to change.

2. All players must be 21 years of age.

3. In the event that a roster member of a team is not available for the match, an emergency sub may be used (exception: no new subs may be used the last two weeks, including position round, without prior approval).

4. The last two weeks of play, a player must have played at least one night to be an eligible player, unless they have prior approval from the league coordinator. Just because they are on your roster does not make them an eligible player the last two weeks.

5. The League Office reserves the right to move any players or teams to higher or lower leagues if that person or team seems unfairly placed in the wrong division. No State or Nationally Ranked players may play on a Single A League without approval from the league coordinator.

6. All players should carry ID with them on league nights. Bars have the right to refuse any player entry that does not have proper ID. Players also have the right to ask ID of any person they feel is an illegal player. If a player knowingly assumes the name of another player, the “illegal player” and “Captain” may be suspended or expelled from the league for the remainder of the season.

7. WRITING SOMEONE ELSE NAME DOWN WHO IS NOT PLAYING SO THAT THEY RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE NIGHT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If caught purposely cheating, your entire team will receive a zero for the night. 2nd offense, you will be dropped from the league.

8. Teams cannot change their sponsorship in the course of a season. If a location closes, the league coordinator will assist in helping the team choose another location to shoot out of.


1. The league office reserves the right to change the location of position rounds, as to make sure all bars have a fair share of home games.

2. All matches must be played according to the league schedule. The location sponsoring your team has the right to have all home matches played at their location. Any match not played at the scheduled location, or moved without the league coordinators approval may result in a forfeit for both teams.

3. It is the captain’s responsibility to provide me with a current address and phone number. All changes to schedules will be posted on the standings. Any forfeit caused by not reading the standings or the league office not being able to reach the players will remain a forfeit.


1. All standings will be posted on and It is the captain’s responsibility to check the standings each week for any mistakes and or schedule changes. Stats will not be mailed to individual bars.

2. Please notify the league office immediately of any changes in the standings.


1. If you are playing in a handicap league, handicap will be figured as follows: Each player’s average is added to the other players on the team to get a total team average. The team average is compared to the opposing team average, and the team with the lowest average receives the difference EACH AND EVERY round, whether you win or lose. There is a cap of 10 balls per round for 5 person teams, 8 for 4 person teams, and 6 for trio teams. For example: team A has averages of 9, 8, 8, 7 and 6 for a total of 38. Team B has averages of 7, 6, 6, 5 and 5 for a total of 29. The difference is 9, so team B would receive 9 balls per round.

2. No handicap is used for the first two weeks of play. Any sub used for the first time after the first two weeks will be a 10 for men and an 8 for women that night. The second time they sub, they will have an established average. You may NOT use a player’s average from a different league.

3. After the first 2 weeks of play, if you are playing a team higher in the standings than your team, and you have a higher team average, you DO NOT give up any handicap for the night.


4. If there are any disagreements concerning the handicap, put a note on the score sheet and I will check it and make any corrections needed.


1. Starting time is 7:00 PM real time, not bar time. There is a 15-minute grace period. Please try to be considerate and be on time.

2. You must start no later than 7:15. If all of your players are not there, The absent player (players) must be passed. If the player shows up before the next round has started, they may go back and make up that game. If the next round has started, they receive a “0” (the opposing player receives their AVG.) for the first round and then continues on with normal play. The same applies for following rounds.


1. The home score sheet is the official score sheet and will be used to settle any disputes. Both captains are responsible for the accuracy of the Home score sheet after each game.

2. LINE UPS: Home team will write down their line up first in any order they like. Visiting team then writes down their line up, also in any order they want. I MUST HAVE FIRST AND LAST NAMES ON ALL NEW SUBS. Stats may not be entered for new players if first and last names are not provided.


1. The original players that start the match must finish the match. There will be no substitutions.

2. All leagues are VNEA or VNEA/BCA leagues. All games must be played on one Valley Table owned and operated by Shaffer Amusement.  (If the locations has valleys). You may use two tables or play on diamond tables as long as BOTH captains and bar owner agrees and they are owned by Shaffer Amusement.

3. PLAYED WRONG PERSON: In the event that wrong people have played or are playing each other, the following procedure will be followed: If the game is completed, that score will be forwarded to the proper place that they are scheduled to play. If the game is not completed, the captains will get the proper people to the table and restart the game. If a game is played between the same opponents who do not play each other for a second time during the match, the score of the second time does not count. It is both team captain’s responsibility to ensure that the proper players are playing each game.

4.  BREAKING: The player that is breaking, pays for the rack and also racks their own balls.

5. THE PATCH: The patch is used at all times in all leagues, unless BOTH CAPTAINS agree before the match starts to not use the patch.

6. EIGHT ON THE BREAK: Eight on the break is not an automatic win in any league. Breaker may rerack or spot the eight and continue shooting, unless they also scratch while making the eight. The opposing player would then get the choice.

7. SCRATCH ON THE 8-BALL!  When the 8-ball is the legal object ball, a scratch or foul is not a loss of game if the 8-ball is not pocketed or jumped off the table. Incoming player has cue ball in hand. Remember, no coaching.

8. If you do not win the game, NO points are awarded to a player for a game until the choice of groups (stripes or solids) has been legally determined. Pocketing your ball in the course of a foul being committed during your turn is NOT legally determined. Example: Player A breaks and makes nothing. Player B shoots in a stripe and then cue ball rolls around and makes the 8. Score is 10 - 0.

9. Absolutely NO JUMP SHOTS or MASSE in Single A Leagues. Jump shots and Masse shots in Single A Leagues will be considered a foul.  Definition of a Masse Shot: A shot made by hitting the cue ball with the cue held nearly vertically, driving the cue ball forward, spinning around another ball before hitting the object ball.

10. TIES: In the event that a round is tied, the round point goes to the team with the most wins in that round.  If both teams have the same amount of games won, each team will receive ½ point for that round. When total points are tied, the round point goes to the team with the most total wins. If both teams have the same amount of total wins, each team will receive ½ point.


Any team that forfeits twice in the same season may be dropped from the league and will forfeit all points and money. No forfeits allowed during the last 2 weeks of play. This includes position round. Any team that forfeits in the last 2 weeks may be dropped from the league and forfeit all points and money. Should a team forfeit against you, both teams do pay their league fees and you need to fill out your score sheet and envelope and write forfeit on it.  In the event a team forfeits against you, you receive all rounds won and your individual averages. The forfeiting team receives 0. Both teams must pay team fees for a forfeit.


Throwing your cue stick, starting fights, yelling and swearing at the other players, refusing to recognize fouls and all other unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.  You could receive a warning, or an immediate 2 week suspension or suspension for the remainder of the season.  Captains: You may be held responsible for your team’s actions. Ensure good sportsmanship at all times among all players.  Any player or team expelled from the league forfeits all rights to all monies and awards. Any player that is not allowed in a location must work out arrangements with the location owner to play or get a substitute.


1. Teams are encouraged to finish all matches. If there is a protest, immediately notify the other team. (Not after the matches are complete). Captains please discuss the issue and try to work things out.  If you choose to continue with the protest, you must submit in writing to Shaffer Amusement within 48 hours of the match. Provide all details of the protest. Protest fee of $35.00 must be turned in with the protest. Write “PROTEST” on the envelope.

2. If the protest is found in favor of the protesting team, the $35.00 fee will be returned. The fee will not be returned if the team loses the protest.


Every effort will be made to ensure an even number of teams to eliminate “Bye” weeks. Teams may be asked to play or replay forfeited matches where a “Bye” was filled within the first two weeks of the schedule.  Should a team drop out of the league, their position becomes a bye on the schedule.  All regular matches against the bye, you would receive your individual averages in points and credit for all rounds won. If you have a bye for position round, you will receive your individual averages and credit for your team’s average rounds won. You must pay team fees for a bye.


In case of extenuating circumstances, play can be postponed if agreed upon by both captains. (Remember good sportsmanship. We all have had an emergency before.) You must make arrangements with the opposing team captain as to when the match will take place at the time of postponement and notify league office at that time of postponement. If no arrangements have been made and stats are not reported to me after one week, the team that ask for the postponement will receive the forfeit. The office must be notified of any and all changes prior to the scheduled time.  CALLING A TEAM’S HOME BAR AND LEAVING A MESSAGE IS NOT SUFFICIENT. Games should be made up within 1 week if possible.  Match must be made up at the originally scheduled location. If the game is not made up before the start of the next weeks play (without approval) it may automatically become a forfeit. Remember, for some players, this is the only night of the week available. Try if at all possible to play your matches when scheduled.


Shaffer Amusement does not postpone games due to inclement weather. If there is a weather advisory out and you feel it is not safe to travel, contact the other team captain and reschedule the match. You must make arrangements with the opposing team captain as to when the match will take place at the time of postponement. Notify the league office at the time of postponement when the postponed match will take place. If no arrangements have been made and reported to me after one week, the team that ask for the postponement will receive the forfeit. Do Not Postpone unless you have a reschedule date planned. Remember, for some players, this is the only night of the week available. Try if at all possible to play your matches when scheduled.

TURNING IN WEEKLY STATS: In order to update stats quickly and on time, every captain must get me the weekly stats on the night they are played. This can be done by: taking a picture and sending me (by text, email, facebook, fax) before the stats are dropped in the dartboard, or entering stats in online (call me or email me for your password and information) and then still dropping the envelope in the dartboard for future pick up. I no longer can have someone driving from bar to bar to bar the following day to pick up stats everyday from the night before. One warning will be given for not sending stats and then one point deducted from your team round points each time I don’t receive them. If the captain is unable to do this, it is your responsibility to make sure someone on either team or barmaid or friend or someone does it for you.

For Schedules and Standings




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